How to Find Your Perfect Tiny House Builder

Finding a tiny house builder that you like can be challenging today, for a couple of reasons.

Hundreds – even thousands – of tiny home builders have popped up around the U.S. over the past few years. And, as this sustainable way of life continues to captivate Americans, you can expect that pace to continue.


But, other than doing an online search, how do you find tiny home builders? And, once you find two or three, how do you choose one?

Why Build a Tiny Home?

Look around and you will find dozens of resources for buying an existing tiny home. So why would you bother to have one built?

When you make the decision to adopt the tiny home lifestyle, it’s a highly personal choice – and one that has to fit your unique needs and personality. Most people can adapt their needs to a traditionally sized home. But, when you make the move to a small home, every person’s needs are different.

Building your tiny home is the best way – the only way, in many cases – to ensure yours has everything you need to adopt this dynamic lifestyle.

Custom vs. Production Tiny House Builders

Much like traditional home builders, tiny house builders produce both production and custom models.

A production home means that the builder uses a standard plan that may allow you to choose some limited options for size, layout and finishes. These models are typically available much sooner and, generally, may cost less than the custom alternative.

A custom tiny house builder will work with you to create a home using your specifications. You also have the option of working with a tiny home architect or designer to create your building plans, then taking them to a custom builder for construction.

So Many Tiny House Builders, So Little Time

With so many builders to choose from today, how can you possibly decide on one? The best place to start is to find a tiny house builder in your home state, or in the state where you plan to live.

Yes, you can transport your little home to the location of your dreams so, theoretically, you could choose a builder in any state. However, as you will have to meet with the builder periodically, it makes sense to find one that is convenient to you.

Limit your choices to two or three tiny home builders, then meet with each one. Discuss your needs, your timeframe and your budget. Then, ask for a cost estimate for what you want.

Once your estimates come in, don’t rush to choose the lowest bid. Take the time to compare the bids, to make sure you’re comparing them fairly. Ultimately, choose the builder that offers the best combination of price, quality, customer service and responsiveness.

Of course, if you decide it might be easier to simply buy a tiny house, you can do that too. is your go-to source for buying and selling tiny houses, finding a tiny house builder or simply learning more about this engaging lifestyle. Visit our site today to learn more, and to find the tiny home of your dreams.