5 Key Steps How to Sell a Tiny House on Wheels

You may have sold a traditional home, but you need to know these 5 key steps how to sell a tiny house on wheels. Doing your research now will help you to be successful and get the best price possible. Before jumping in and making some rookie mistakes, we recommend you read below and try to follow these steps in order.

To begin, let’s define a tiny home. Wikipedia defines it as a residence structure less than at least 500 square feet. These residences vary from homes on foundations, trailer mounted residences, yurts, converted school buses, and more. The type of tiny home can vary greatly but these key principles will apply to all.

how to sell a tiny house 5 key steps

How to Sell a Tiny House on Wheels Steps

Marketing a house for sale takes effort to be done right.  The scope of selling a traditional home can involve months of preparation involving multiple people.  The scale of selling a tiny home makes this process slightly easier but even more important to follow the key guidelines.

The 5 Key Steps to Sell a Tiny House:

  1. Determine a list price
  2. Repair any maintenance issues buyers will be concerned with
  3. Stage with correct furniture and decorations
  4. Quality tiny house pictures say a thousand words
  5. Get the right exposure to serious tiny home buyers

Determine a List Price

This step is often overlooked as the easiest step since a value can pop into your mind very quickly of what you would like to sell the house for. However, do not simply move forward thinking that is the best list price to start with. Often, a seller is biased towards their own items and tends to have sentimental value they add to a list price based on hard work, memories, or emotions tied to the house. If you want to sell a tiny home for a top price, you need to look objectively at the market and your house to determine a list price that will attract buyers. Search Tiny Houses for Sale to view current inventory in your area and compare similar units to your property and make realistic adjustments for differences to determine your price. *Extra Mile Tip: Ask a friend to review the information you looked at to determine a price. See if your biases had any impact on the pricing compared to your friend’s opinion.

Repair Any Maintenance Issues

So often, sellers are very eager to list the home as quickly as possible to avoid “missing the market.” It is important to not waste time, but you will regret moving forward without repairing items that will be a large deterrent to most buyers. Make any needed repairs like leaking pipes, broken electrical outlet, cracked windows, etc. These items will make buyers concerned about other areas of your tiny house and the overall maintenance of the home. It may cost you a few hundred dollars before listing, but that is better than having to negotiate down a few thousand dollars based on the buyer’s fears of other maintenance concerns.

Stage with Correct Furniture and Decorations

Location may have a big impact on traditional housing but many tiny houses are portable and location is not relative. What is very relative in tiny houses is: SIZE. Many for sale do not prepare the furniture and decorations to appeal for buyers viewing online or visiting in person. Take the time to have the right furniture and decorations placed in your tiny house so buyers can feel the space and seem more open and bright. Remove as much clutter as possible from your tiny house. Ultimately, this step shouldn’t take too long since it is a tiny space!

Quality Tiny House Pictures Say a 1,000 Words

Interested buyers will be doing their research online first and in order for your tiny house to make the short list, it will need to have great pictures that capture their attention. Curb Appeal still applies to your tiny house even if there is no curb! Buyers want to see all angles of your tiny house from the outside, and view as many different corners of interiors as possible. Do your best to take photos with sufficient natural light and high quality when possible. Using professional photographers can be a great way to make your tiny house stand out among the other listings.

Get Exposure to Serious Tiny Home Buyers

You want to get as much exposure as possible to reach active buyers looking for tiny houses. BuyTinyHouses.com is a leading website dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of tiny houses. The website is easy to navigate and search listings in any area. Your listing can get the exposure it deserves without obnoxious advertisements crowding each page and your listing details. People looking on this website are actively looking for tiny houses for sale. You’ve taken all the preparation steps and listing your tiny house on a top-rated website will help sell your home quickly.

It’s very likely that you have put a lot of time and effort into your tiny place, or spent many wonderful memories there. These key steps will help you sell your tiny house quickly and get the best price possible. The tiny houses movement is growing in popularity and selling yours can be accomplished the right way.